It always can get worse – ‘no seat in a bus’

If you have ever thought that life sucks and everything at that moment is really bad, think twice as it can just get worse. There is a Russian saying “Trouble is never walking alone”.

Ferry arrived to Hainan island 7:00 am. One could see the strong smog over the Haikou from the water when we were approaching the port. Though the total view was somewhat impressive. I even took a panoramic picture.

Haikou panorama

Smog over Haikou

Bus left the ferry and everyone got into the bus. I got myself comfortable and suddenly the driver tells us to leave and take all our things. We must change a bus, since we are only 6 people left travelling to Sanya and all other passengers departed at Haikou. Once we arrive to another bus I found out that there is no space. The couple from Nederlands managed to fit together in one bed! Two people in that tiny bed! I had no choice, but just to sit down on the floor.

I was so angry. Then one woman was shouting so loudly, complaining about something for awhile. My anger was just rising with every moment. That damn floor was really uncomfortable and ┬áthat b**ch is sitting on the bed and complaining? Suddenly I roared in all my voice “Will you shut up!!!”. The silence has followed and I felt asleep for a moment… Didn’t last long though, because one of the passing passengers woke me up! Damn it!

Good thing I have reservation in Peter Hostel. At least I will have a full length bed and can go enjoy the beach! Comforted by that thought I was waiting until the bus will arrive to Sanya.

At some point I stopped feeling my butt and my leg from that green spiky plastic mat on the floor…