Ferry to Haikou

I have one more story to tell!

I’ve met a dutch couple in the bus, so at least I had someone to talk to. I had difficulty to write anything while on the bus, since it was shaking so much. We finally have arrived to the shore just a little bit after the midnight (2:30 am). We all had to get off the bus at Hai’angang port. I was just following the crowd, since I had no idea where to go. At some point I felt like those immigrants illegally crossing the border. I really enjoyed the breeze of the sea when boarding the ferry. Couldn’t wait  to lay down on the sandy beach!

After waiting 45 min  for a ferry we are finally on-board. They could have let us to sleep in the bus instead, while waiting.  It is way much more comfortable than to be bent in the bus. I thought the blood flow will stop to my legs soon in that bus. Ha ha ha. My neck feels twisted and also that hot, cold airflow in the back of  the bus didn’t do any good. Trains are way much more comfortable and more space.

It should be only 3,5 hours from Haikou to Sanya once we got off from the ferry.

It is amazing that in the waiting hall there was the signs “Service” and “Information”, but nobody speaks a word in English. They just choose to ignore you. Oh yes there was a word somewhere “Complain”, but you can complain as much as you want, no one will understand you. Wel maybe it will make you feel better LOL

I was getting hot in the ferry in the seated area. Good thing that I was surrounded by the group of deaf-mute people so it was very quiet, but they were spitting on the floor the same way as anyone else.

I was rethinking my plans, that I would love to see Dali,  Shangri-La and the travellers’ mecca Lijana. The most of all I would like to see the pandas in Chengdu. However, that will have to be for the next time.

After Sanya I should take a ferry to Guangzhou and sleep over there and then to take a train to Huangzhou. Tp see the Total Solar Eclipse, though chances are low – around 15%, then to go to the yellow mountains – Huangshan. After mountains to Shanghai and stay there for a weekend. I really want to get the haircut there and see the famous places. Also to go to Suzhou and sleep there and come back in the morning to Shanghai. If not exhausted after that to take a train to Juanzghou and sleep there. In the morning I  would go to Shanghai and sleep the last day in Shanghai.  Seems like an intensive week. Would be great to stay in Suzhou a bit longer and relax.

I missed you all!