Motorcycles in Yangshuo

I am not going to write a lot for now, because going for a dinner and I still need to take a quick shower. I have spent all day on a motorcycle.  Don’t be alarmed it was just electrical one! However, it was a great fun and an extreme one! If I can drive in China, then I definitely can drive in Vilnius. Here everyone goes whatever way they like, no rules or traffic lights applies. I had constantly to watch out not to run over some human being or not to be hit by a bus.

We went to the dragon bridge. Actually we passed and were a bit lost, but in the end one local woman showed us where to go. We had to wait for her until her bike will be fixes, which had twice punctured tire and then she took as there. Of course, she wanted something. Her goal was to sell the ride in the bamboo rafts. Since we already came by bamboo rafts, we were not interested.

We had a swim, jumped from the bridge. Actually I jumped twice and I was so scared and both times landed on my arse. It really hurt! They say that only brave man can jump from it.

Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge from which I jumped

Later on, some local woman offered us lunch for 15 RMB, but we bargained down to 5 RMB! It was four of us. So we went into her house and sat comfortably in her front porch. She even sold us beer for 10 RMB. The lunch was just delicious and best service!

Views from Dragon Bridge

Views from Dragon Bridge

After eaten we had to go back. It was really hot weather! My arms got unpleasantly burned, because I forgot my sunscreen in the hostel. Also the city was full of police. Some kind of very important person was passing the town. On every corner there was a policemen. Somehow, I got more scared to drive not to get fine or something.