Cormorants in Yangshuo

Today after the trip on motorcycles we went to see the cormorants fishing. It was a bit cruel, since they tie up their throats and force them to fish and since they cannot swallow they came out and give out the fish or better to say the man squeezes them out through their necks. Somehow I didn’t enjoy the show much.

Cormorants with tied up throats

Cormorant spitting out the fish

I have enjoyed a cormorant on my arm way  much more!

A bit scared of cormorant


Cormorant on my arm

After that we went to book the tickets for the rice terraces tomorrow. At the same time I booked the bus ticket to Sanya straight from Guilin, which cost me 340 RMB. A bit a lot, but not much I can do.

Also we went shopping and bargaining again. I bought a small compass.

Street where we went shopping

Now drinking cold beer at Monkey Jane roof top terrace. It is really cool place here. I had lunch here as well!

Monkey Jane roof top view