Waking up with the dawn

An early morning in the train. I have spent already 13 hours in it! Another 10 hours to go!

Total distance from Shanghai to Guilin is around 1600 km, hence 23 hours by train!

Yesterday night around midnight we stopped in one of the stations. I bought some noodles in the plastic cup. I was so hungry! The noodles are a bit synthetic, but put the hot water on them which they provide in the train and ate it all in one go. I was so happy with my life and around 2 am I felt asleep. 6 am everyone started waking up in the train and since the berths are not separated I woke up as well. I could hear someone spitting at the carpet… so loudly… so disgusting. Definitely wearing the shoes on that carpet!

There is a sunshine outside, blue sky and fields of rice. So much green colour! Beautiful!