Air conditioner in the train

Laying in the train on the bed and so bored! That damn air conditioner is blowing straight to my face and I cannot adjust it. I am going to get sick for sure.

I am already under the blanket and so cosy despite that cold air. Though here it is only 8:30pm, but I feel so tired after todays day trip and running. I have already had a nap as well LOL

Laying and thinking about everything. Trying to figure out where I want and need to go and how. I think it will be the hardest to get to Sanya, since it is in the island. Of course I could take a train, but trains are really expensive here! On the other hand to go by train during day time is a compelte waste of time, so better to take a night train and sleep over the night. No need for hostel then.

Good thing I bought some cookies. All gone already! I am feeling so hungry! Dreaming about warm coconut soup…