Day: July 7, 2009


A little bit about Guilin

So a little bit about Guilin city. This wonderful city is surrounded by stunning hills! Some of them even resemble a real mountains. The total population of Guilin is almost 5 million people. Entire Lithuania is merely 3 million! It was established as a small settlement inย 314 BC. n 1981, Guilin was listed as one …


Guiling feels like heaven

After spending 22 hours in the train, finally I arrived to Guilin. I must admit that the city is gorgeous! The only downside is that it stinks the same as in Shanghai, but it is that heat to blame.


Waking up with the dawn

An early morning in the train. I have spent already 13 hours in it! Another 10 hours to go! Total distance from Shanghai to Guilin is around 1600 km, hence 23 hours by train!