Jiangang and the big run in Shanghai

Finally I am in the train to Guilin and it seems that I have a Wi-Fi here!

The day has started early. We woke up, packed, checked out (we had to take out and give back the sheets) and left our backpacks in the hostel storage.

I totally can recommend Blue Mountain Youth Hostel in Shanghai. The staff was super friendly and very close by to metro. To South Railway station just over 25min by metro. If I am lucky to change correctly in Indoor Stadium from line 10 to line 4, so I could make it in 15-20min.

In the morning we bought some fruits. I couldn’t resist buying couple peaches and small bananas. They are so tiny!



Later we went to bus station near People square. Took a bus to Jiangang. It was so tiny! No space for legs at all! We’ve spent one hour in it.

It is good thing everywhere air conditioned. Imagine how much electricity Chinese are using up? No wonder global warming.

Once we’ve reached Jiangang, we went to the bank to exchange some US dollars into local currency. Staff was very friendly, just the whole procedure of exchange took 15 min. They asked me what country I am from, since it was not clear from the copy of the passport (so happy I made few of them!). I left the original in the hostel. I was telling Lithuania. The guy behind the glass shake his head. Then I have tried to explain him that it is in Baltic Countries. I think that just confused him more. Finally, I said Europe? He was like “Aaaah, why you didn’t tell that from the start?”.

The entrance to the village was 60 RMB, but since I was a student they made 20% discount.

Kira found a pharmacy and was trying to buy something for mosquito bites, because everywhere they just give the repellent. Guess what she have got? They sold her old good “Zvaigzdute”, which stinks so much, but due to menthol does the trick, but it didn’t help her.

We were walking in the town and adoring local production souvenirs. Of course, in some places it stinks because of the heat. In one place it was stinking so much that I almost threw up.

There was a very nice stone bridge, which we had to cross.  Very interesting shape as you have to climb steep stairs to go through it, so that the canoes can go through it. By the way, it was way much hotter than in Shanghai and it was 34 in Shanghai today. Must be due to the higher humidity as we were next to the water.

On another bridge old ladies are selling gold fish. You have to throw it to the water from the bridge, which brings you luck and riches. I kind of believe that the fish dies when it hits the water after falling 9 meters or maybe even before that. Maybe if it survives, that means luck!

Ladies and gold fish

Later my friends decided to buy fans as it was so hot. Kira bought a pink one. Meanwhile I saw sunglasses, exactly the ones I wanted Rayban and in Lithuania they were 700Lt (~£ 175) and I have paid around 10Lt (~£ 2.5). Surely they were fake.

We were walking in the garden, where was a sign not to play in the water, which I wouldn’t go even if they paid me.


Kids don’t play in the water!

The sign for kids

After that we went to stone caves. Later on we headed to Buddha temple.  I actually went down on my knees and felt such a peace within. At that moment I felt a pleasant breeze and a nice feeling inside.

We also saw talking birds, which were very cool, saying Mo Hou, like Steven Hawing.

Talking bird

After our trip in the town were starving so we went to KFC. The air con was full on in there! I had a nice burgher and ice cream. The total was like 4Lt (~£1). Just amazing! The burger had a piece of chicken inside, not minced meat but a real chicken! Delicious!

We went back to Jiangang station and there was a woman shouting “Shanghai, hurry up”. Once we sat in I was saying to the girls not to trust those people. We paid 9RMB instead of 12 RMB, but the trip was 2 hours instead of one! We also had to listen two women fighting very loudly. It’s a pity I didn’t film it. The good thing the seats were more comfortable and more space for the legs, since I could occupy two seats.

We brought us to Shanghai and let us out God knows where. One guy later on helped us to find out way. It was 3:20 PM and my train is 5:01 PM, but all my stuff still in hostel. We tried to catch a cab, but with no luck, but then the same guy offers to go with him. Once he caught a taxi we went to Time Square. We got off and asked how much we owe him, but he refused to take any money. We felt very grateful and blessed!

We wanted to pop-in to a supermarket to buy a book for Kira, but we couldn’t find the bookshop as it was said in Lonely Planet. Must be gone already. Things change very quickly in China.

I told good buy to my new friends and rushed to the hostel. In metro I had no idea which way to go: south or north had the same station names. Somehow I have managed by the connecting lines. Got off in the correct station and had to wait 10 min for a change. I am starting to panic that I am not going to make to the train in time. I was standing in the metro station and getting really anxious. Then I remembered that dream I had in Lithuania about Shanghai station. After that I thought “I have to make it, no matter what”. Finally I got to the station next to my hostel and of course I got off to the furthest exit as always.

I had to run to the hostel to pick up my stuff and rush back to the station. It was 4:15 pm and I still need to buy some water to drink for the trip. Had to go back just so I could buy some water. I also wanted to take a bottle of cold green tea, but got a bottle of Alloy Vera instead. Oh well there was no time to complain.  I rushed to the metro station and took a line number 4 towards Indoor Stadium.  I had to run up very long stairs and very long corridor to line 10. It was already 4:31 pm and started panicking. I had no idea where to go and have no time to think! Just chose the closest exit and saw the sign where is the station. I ran! Stairs, more stairs! Then I could recognise the place where I was on the first day to book the tickets, but still had no idea where the platform was. I approached one of the workers in orange jacket and showed him my ticket. He just looked at the clock and made a gesture meaning that I should hurry up. I felt cold sweat running all over my back. I was trying to explain him that there is still time and then he looks again and points to the stairs. So I ran the long escalator stairs! Once again I was lost. I asked another member of staff. He points me to go up. Where the hell is that train? On the roof? I had to run up another escalator and I see this massive glass roof and huge square. Looks impressive! Ran to security to scan the ticket. Had to drop my bags in order to scan the ticket. Once done pickup everything and run. It is almost like an airport. They have security gates next to the train platforms. One of the staff showed me where is the train and with ease jumped into the train. It was so humid and hot, there was no air to breath, since the air circulate from outside and not air conditioned.

I found my carriage and a bed. Guess what? I though it was seated ticket, but apparently it is upper berth, next to the ceiling. Three berths in total. I already knew after couple minutes why it is not good to take the upper one where air conditioner is blowing in your face.

It is raining cats and dogs outside. I got out from Shanghai just in time. I hope it won’t get flooded since I am coming back in couple weeks or so.

The train staff just came and took my ticket and gave some sorts of card, which I will need to get out from the train.