Update from Shanghai

Don’t even ask about my day!

First, when we landed there was a checkup for a bird flu (SARS). These people came in bio-hazard costumes measuring everyone’s temperature. I felt like in some movie. Not in a good way.

Here I am waiting in a Blue mountain hostel until a bed will free up. Silly me assumed that I will get a bed on the spot. Apparently it is fully booked.


Also it took me 4 hours to find that place! I thought, it could be a nice walk and it seemed not too far. Yeah right! I had to take a metro in the end anyway as since it was exhausting to walk in the heat!  The map is quite difficult to read as the street names are in Chinese and not trivial to map them to the map. I asked some directions on the way. Actually, a girl herself came to me and asked me if I need help, since I was with a map on the pavement trying to find the right direction.

At some point, I was so hungry, that I decided to eat something. They couldn’t really understand what I want, so I tried to draw a chicken on piece of paper. Guess what they brought? A soup with liver! I detest liver! I tried to eat it, at least some of it, but in the end I just couldn’t. So I was left hungry. Furthermore, after that horrible taste in my mouth I had to buy a can of Pepsi to wash it out.

It is very hot and humid in Shanghai. It was surprising to see that in block building every single apartment has an air conditioning!

Everything looks quite expensive, which I haven’t expected. Metro price looked quite alright.

By the way, I had to by a ticket to Guilin for tomorrow. Had to go to the railway station. Apparently there is more than one! That looks like going to be a real adventure! There was no the sleeper tickets left, so I took a seated ticket in the train.

I hope in other places will be easier with hostels, because this one is really stressing me out!

Kind of want to go home already LOL