Unsuccessful dinner in Shanghai

I met two of my room-matesĀ in the hostel – Kira and Kasti. We went to look for edible food together. I was kind of scared to buy the street food. Looks so dirty.

So we had to take even 3 metro to get to the place recommended by Lonely Planet.

The dinner in Thai restaurant cost me 115RMB, which would be around 28$.

I have ordered coconut soup and spicy chicken. The soup was OK, but second dish was supposed to be chicken with peppers, but in the end it was chilli peppers with some bony chicken pieces. I couldn’t eat the chillies (they were so spicy and it was a full plate of them!) also the chicken was not enough to fill my stomach.

Will go to sleep early tonight and tomorrow going to a small village and after that to Guilin.

I have learned how to use metro quite quickly and almost adapted to the heat, though the girls cooled off the room so much, that it feels like in a freezer. We switched off the air conditioner completely now.

Miss you all!