A cup of coffee? Yes please!

I got so cold! So went to have a cup of coffee. Somehow don’t want to drink any alcohol, to enhance my worrying mind. Anyway, the coffee was divine! Also, I found a spot in the airport where the sun is shining and warming me up. So I am lingering there and charging my iPod touch.

There were so many Indians also Japanese In Vilnius airport, which is very unusual for Lithuania. However, Helsinki airport is like a mix of cultures! So many different nations in here!

In the air-plane I read an interesting article about Kyoto. It turns out you can stay in the Buddhist temple. Every morning you start with a meditation at 7 am after that the master brings you green matcha tea and discuss your mediation. The goal of those meditations is to get rid of bad feelings like jealousy, passion, anger. It would be quite nice to stay a week or two there. I love Japan and it is quite stuck in my mind that mysterious land.

I don’t know what was in that coffee, but I know for sure that same coffee I will get not very soon. ¬†Also, good that I am not flying to Beijing, because the flight was cancelled. I just hope mine will leave in time.