Future Total Solar Eclipses

So I remembered that I should mark where and when next Total Solar Eclipses are going to take the place, so that I could plan some future trips.

Here we are:

13 November, 2012
Pacific Ocean, not far from New Zealand.  Best place to observe is the ocean or in Australia, Oak beach town (south), just the problem is that there the eclipse will be very short. Duration 4 min 2 s (So worth it!). The tickets around 25,000Lt (~£6250)! Sounds like a nightmare! Is that a private Jet? Hope there exists cheaper ways to get there.

20 March, 2015

This place is to the north from Norway. There are two choices: take a boat from Faroe islands to the South (I have no idea what islands are there!) or to try to get to Svalbard. Flight around 2000Lt (~£500). Eclipse duration around 2 min 46s. So short!

That one is in Pagimana, Indonesia. I guess I could get to Maluku Utara island as well. Duration 2 min 18 s.

This is a great time for holidays in USA! The Eclipse in Kentucky state, not far from Nashville Clarksville. I heard that name Nashville somewhere in the movies.   Duration 2 min 40s.

Best place to observe in Chile near Coquimbo. Duration 2 min. Even better in the ocean… There almost 4 min. Well this would happen unless I would have my private yacht until that time haha. However, it is a South hemisphere and this is the end of the winter so can be bad weather for observation.

Argentina, not far from Sierra Colorada. It looks like a desert in there (almost like Egypt again!). Duration 2 min 9 s. Ideal place, and it is going to be summer there and summer in Northern hemisphere!!! Perfect time for holidays! I need to find out what is the weather like in there at that time and if it would be clear skies for observation, but I think it would be great!